Ted's Place "Easy Decision" Moscato
Ted's Place "Easy Decision" Moscato

Ted's Place "Easy Decision" Moscato

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Easy Decision Moscato
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When it's hot you need Roy.
Handsome, broad chested, well dressed and boy ohh boy could he hold that little orange umbrella just right.

Always one small step behind to ensure her shade was near perfect!
Sunny Saturdays they would walk the promenade along the seaside to get gelato. Gi Gi always ordered watermelon, Roy, well she never really knew  what he had. She asked herself if she would ask him again next Saturday, and staring at him with his shirt open that way… Well that makes “the decision so easy.”

The Wine
Ted's Place "Easy Decision"Moscato has a sweet fruity essence that makes it so easy to have either alone as an aperitif or with an appetiser, dessert or your favourite sweet dish. The flavours of Ted's Place Easy Decision Moscato really come alive when paired with Asian foods, especially Thai and Vietnamese. 

There’s lots of great food combinations to enjoy with Ted's Place Easy Decision Moscato wine. Try having some Ted's Place Easy Decision Moscato with some fresh oysters and prawns or finish your your meal with some Ted's Place Easy Decision Moscato and a fresh fruit platter.
Ted's Place Easy Decision Moscato has a medium alcohol content and its sweetness brings great balance, allowing the food flavours to shine through.

Sourced from our Australian winemakers, you will definitely enjoy this Moscato by itself or with your favourite meal! 

Ted’s Place is our own label with our bottle artwork designed by artist, Andy Baker. We have sourced the most suitable grapes from within our network of suppliers to bring you quality wines from the most suitable regions resulting in a product that is not only quality but also good value.

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